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Remote Healing & Gratitude Meditation, Tuesday 7:30-9:00 From Wherever you Are
Share your healing energy with each other and tap into a field of gratitude! Tuesday Night Remote Healing Meditation arose from a desire to connect to friends, family teachers and guides from across the world, and to share our energetic healing techniques with others. As we go through our lives, we connect to a wide variety of people who touch our lives. Often, we go in various directions and choose different paths of practice and awareness. Still, these individuals are important to us and our development. Every Tuesday night, we remember these individuals with compassion, loving kindness and respect and invite them to join with us in making that web of connection broader. We usually begin by holding in mind our teachers and all others joining together to practice. We feel the connection and support fill us and dissolve our tensions and dis-ease. As we root in a balanced state, we let that energy then stream forth from us out into the world to make new connections. Many of us have practiced different forms of Energetic Healing through the years. Many members of the original core group from which this experiment in practice began are learning the Mesa path of the Q'ero of Peru and studying shamanistic healing practices. This form of healing is less bound by location and form than many and lends itself well to connecting from a distance. One requirement for directing specific healing on this and many paths is having permission from the individual intended. We do not take on others issues or try and force them onto "The Right Path". If they are looking for a new perspective and are actively engaged in their own healing, this can be a vehicle to take that step towards wellness. We invite you to join with us at 7:30 from wherever you are and send your own form of healing into the matrix. We can always send Loving Kindness and Compassion out into the world and we can allow this intentional space to clear our own blocks so that we can be more open and allow that healing energy to flow through us. If you have permission, you may also post specific healing requests and, if you wish, post a picture of those to which it needs to be sent. There is a sample meditation practice listed in the discussion section that you may want to look over and use. Thank you for joining us in the experimental Virtual practice. Let us know how it works for you!!

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Every Tuesday, we remember all of our teachers and practices over the years and generate gratitude for their part in our journey. As part of that path, we have the desire to be of benefit to others, sending out healing and supportive energy. Part of that practice is learning various energetic healing techniques for ourselves and others. We have had the honor of working with Reiki teachers, Shamanic healing techniques from several different traditions, Tibetan Buddhist deity yoga practices, Hindu meditation techniques and other circles of friends and teachers. Presently, we are learning the Q'ero tradition of living and healing and as part of that group, we do a remote healing practice every Tuesday from 7:30 - 9:00pm. We are opening this invite to all of our "lippity lap" circles to join in with whatever their practice is, taking a moment of thanks and gratitude for all those who have been part of our life and for those searching. Healing is not something others do for you - it is opening yourself up to allow the natural harmony and balance that is your natural state to flow through. THis is an informal way for us all to join in this practice together and set the space for sharing to take place.

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