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Would you like to take your photography skills to the next level and have some awesome adventures at the same time? Then this is the group for you. We go on one adventure after another exploring the world around us while capturing it all through the lens of our cameras. These workshops are designed for everyone from beginner to advanced photographers as Rena meets each participant where they are and helps them to reach their own personal goals with both classroom and hands on one-on-one instruction. Come join us for some fun and excitement as we travel together on this wonderful journey through the amazing world of outdoor photography!

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Bucket List Workshops Open for Early Registration - Alaska, Big Bend, Hawai
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Alaska, Hawaii, Kentucky and Big Bend National Park in TX

Pre-Registration is now available on all of our new BUCKET LIST Workshops and they are included in our 25% discount holiday sale. Bucket list workshops are more limited than my regular workshops and tend to fill up a lot faster. So be sure to check out these incredible new workshops and register early! Financing is also available with no credit check. Big Bend National Park ... certified by the Dark Sky Association as one of the darkest parks in the lower 48 states. We will be studying all aspects of photographing the night sky including some Deep Space Work. We will be doing some incredible light painting work, photographing the milky way, doing some time lapses and star trails. We will also be shooting all of the diverse landscape and wildlife. From Mountains to Rivers to Desert, Big Bend has it all. The incredible variety of wildlife include everything from Bears to Foxes, Coyotes, Bobcats, a couple of different species of Deer, Badgers and a wide variety of both native and migratory birds. This workshop will take place in July 2018 and will cost $775. This includes 4 full days and nights of shooting. It does not include airfare or accommodations. However, discounted rates will be available. Please ask for details upon registration. Volcanoes National Park in Hawaii .... As if Volcanoes is not enough, this area is also home to a variety of unique wildlife including endangered Sea Turtles, Seals, a Huge Diversity of Birds and the Largest Dragon Fly in the united states to name only a few. The landscape of these amazing islands includes everything from coral reefs to towering volcanoes, from deserts to rainforests and from lava flows to caves. 54 federally listed endangered animals and plants also find safety within the park here. This is truly going to be a Bucket list workshop from beginning to end. There are several dates available for this workshop in late 2018 and early 2019. The cost will be $775. This includes 4 full days and nights of shooting. It does not include airfare or accommodations. However, discounted rates will be available. Please ask for details upon registration. Wild Alaska .... Bears, Salmon, Northern Lights, Denali National Park, Orca and Humpback Whale watching, bald eagles, and Otters to mention only a FEW of the amazing opportunities we will have on this trip! This is going to be the most amazing trip with one bucket list shot after another!!! We are going to be taking this trip at the end of July, beginning of August in 2108 and again in 2019 at the best possible time of year to see the bear chasing the salmon etc. We are also using a touring company that is planning the trip to get us to best locations at the least crowed time. Their motto is "bears eat on Tuesday too" . This workshop is currently $4250 and includes almost all accommodations except airfare. There will be a few meals that are not provided but we will have means to cover those at the cabins where we will be staying or go out to eat in a nearby village. Wolves Up Close and Personal ... We will be visiting a private wolf refuge in the mountains of Kentucky. We will have the opportunity to photograph these animals not only from a viewing observatory but also out in the habitat itself. We will also have the opportunity to interact with these magnificent animals and learn about them as we go along. If you love wolves THIS is the bucket workshop of the century!! Not only will you definitely have the opportunity to see and photograph wolves, your workshop payment will also be going toward helping maintain the wolves habitat and keeping them safe. You will see first hand how much these people love these wolves and how well they are taken care of. We will spend three days out there photographing them and learning about them and interacting with them. On the 4th day, we will work together to process the images so that they pop right off the page and you can be proud to show those images to anyone or use in your portfolio or sell at your next show! This workshop will be $775 and you are guaranteed to be able to see and photograph wolves and wolfdogs in a variety of settings. 25% Off While Spots are available on a First Come First Serve basis: Don't forget, all of these bucket list workshops are currently on sale for 25% off and will fill up fast. So let me know which one(s) you want to register for and I will get you set up right away. Financing is also available without credit check, simply by paying the down payment and allowing auto draft from any debit or credit card. Email me at [masked] or comment below to let me know which spot(s) you are interesting in reserving. I look forward to working with you and enjoying these incredible photographic adventures with you!!!

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