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THE RENSAISSANCE WORKSHOP & ARTIST SALON is open to those interested in learning to draw & paint, and to learn the History, Science, Philosophy & Metaphysics of Art. The workshop takes place in the studio of artist and instructor Raphael-Raúl-Santiago Sebazco in Chelsea, New York. The workshop follows the centuries old tradition of the education of emerging artists in the working studio of a professional artist. It is inspired by the artist’s workshops of Renaissance Europe. These workshops existed, and still exist, in all cultures and historical periods. It is and was in these workshops where the application of the “craft and science of art” was practiced and taught to the emerging artists of the next generation centuries before art academies where established. It was, and still is, a creative environment where practice and theory work hand in hand. In these workshops of the past many fine works were produced and are now exhibited in museums and collections through out the world, and are the great treasures of human culture.

The workshop is followed by a salon where lectures and videos are presented and discussed in a lively, erudite and friendly atmosphere. The intellectual process of learning about the history, philosophy and metaphysics of art is as important as the application of the science of art, in the making of art. So the Workshop & Salon is both craft and theory oriented.

As Leonardo Da Vinci said:

"Those who are in love with practice without science are like the sailor who boards a ship without rudder and compass, who is never certain where he is going. Practice must always be built on sound theory.”

Leonardo Da Vinci


Taught by Artist-Instructor: Raphael-Raúl-Santiago Sebazco

Diploma Graduate: National Academy School of Fine Arts / New York University Bachelor of Fine Arts

Winner of International travel grants to study at: Le Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris, France

Centro des Bellas Artes, Madrid, Spain

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