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DCC RPG Ongoing Drop In Campaign (Everyone Welcome)
DCC RPG Ongoing Drop In Campaign (Everyone Welcome) This is an ongoing, weekly, Dungeon Crawl Classics (like old school Dungeons and Dragons) drop in campaign. That means anyone can show up whenever they want to, but if you miss a session or 2 it's no big deal. Those who show up to all the sessions will, of course, get more xp, more loot, and the bigger picture of the story. But everyone is still welcome at any time. This campaign will be based on Dinotastic Park! This is a hex crawl across the remnants of an abandoned, dinosaur live attraction theme part from another dimension. (Think if Jurassic Park had a chance to run wild for a few million years.) We'll be starting with traditional DCC characters (Warrior, Wizard, Cleric and so on) but will be opening up other classes from the Crawling Under A Broken Moon DCC setting later on. There will likely be some house rules as we go along too. Everything you need to play will be provided if you don't have it.

Comic Kingdom

595 East Moana Lane · Reno, NV

What we're about

We love Roleplaying Games, Board Games and being able to relax and have fun.

Join us for a game or two at one of our scheduled events. If you are interested in hosting a game or playing a specific game please let us know.

Some of the games we love:

Roleplaying Games:

Pathfinder and we are Pathfinder Society by Paizo for the Reno Area. Dungeons and Dragons, Dungeon World and many other RPG's

Euro style games:

Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, Smallworld, Munchkin, Arkham Horror, A Game of Thrones, Lords of Waterdeep, Stone Age, Le Harve, Dominion, Alhambra, King of Tokyo, many many more!

More Traditional games:

Outburst, Trivial Pursuit, Scattergories, Risk, Monopoly, Taboo,Scrabble, Cranium, the list goes on!

RSVP to an event and stop by for some fun!

The organizers are here for you so please let us know if we can add or improve anything!

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