Cards Against Humanity While Wining (No Whining)

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Needs updating but mostly still valid:

Generalities on events:
Unless otherwise stated, we play Cards Against Humanity, What Do You Meme, Joking Hazard, etc. Occasionally we may play 3- or 4-person chess. Once in a blue moon we also join Reno Improv for their playground. I try to keep the venues budget-friendly about half the time. Exceptions to budget friendliness would be meeting at a restaurant or the occasional Picasso-and-Wine-type events. I have no interest in hosting at home or in someone else’s house.
I plan event dates approximately 6 days apart. I work Monday through Friday 8:00 to 17:00, so I plan events outside these hours. If this schedule does not suit you most of the time or at all, you are likely not alone. I am open to making you an event organiser and having you organise events at other times. Just ask.
In my experience we usually don’t get everyone who signs up to turn up until after half an hour after designated start time no matter how I schedule. So the first half hour we set aside for catching up and/or stuffing our faces, especially on the weekdays after work.
You either join an event or you don’t. You don’t need to explain yourself to anyone if you can’t make it. Definitely do not message me about it. We’re all strapped for time and want to enjoy what extra we have. It is annoying to receive a notification and read an apology involving a sister that wants to go shopping or a deceased house plant. Nobody cares. I certainly don’t. Nobody is lamenting the participation trophy they won’t be able to hand you. Get over yourself.

Specific game rules:
Please bear in mind that any events here are also posted on the group and Facebook page of the same name.

The CAH box comes with a rules booklet, but in the name of not spending five-ten minutes in the beginning of every game droning and making sure everyone has got it, Reno Horrible People follow fewer rules/steps:
0) draw ten white cards;
1) identify whosoever took a dump most recently (Ye Card Czar;
2) this Card Czar draws a black card, reads out loud the question/sentence with blanks;
3) other participants submit their white cards (number of questions/blanks in the black card); they then replenish their hand;
4) Card Czar reads all submittals out loud, preferably refreshing our memories every now and then by re-reading the black card;
5) Card Czar picks favoured white card submittal;
5.1) once every game, when it is your turn to pick an answer you like and you are really gutted about picking between two, just award those two black cards; do not do this more than once a meetup;
6) the submitter of that favoured white card wins the black card ("awesome point" per CAH parlance);
7) the submitter who just won the awesome point also gets to draw a bonus white card (we call these cards "white privilege");
8) discard all the submittal white cards in the CAH box lid or other designated container;
9) have the next person take their turn reading out the black card and judging white card submittals;
10) as you build your hand of white cards with your white privileges and it gets too crowded, or if right from the get-go you have cards you think are losers, discard two and draw a new white card (for a penalty of one white card, shrinking your hand) at your own risk;
11) if you want to submit more than one answer, remind us to refresh the "wagering" rules in the CAH booklet;
12) for submittals of one to two cards, just use what's in your hand and then replenish; for those with three, draw three fresh first if you like and use up those, not to replenish after the submittal; I cannot bring myself to tell people to draw-2-pick-3-and-replenish-with-1 another time (seriously have had to deal with people drawing three, submitting two, then getting all confused); then get on with life;
13) during some days when we have few people, we may try to make it interesting by drawing a random white card for submittal by an imaginary player; this is Rando Cardrisian;
14) members who find out their shared German ancestry shall greet each other with "Heil five!";
15) when someone asks, "Whose turn is it?" we do the Latino lip purse in the general direction of the person who goes next;
16) winner of the game gets a stick of miswak;
17) loser (person with least number of cards) gets a Shakespearean insult bandage (please apply the bandage before you leave);
18) new rule as of 2019: at the beginning of the game everyone gets an awesome point to be able to wager before they’ve won, because apparently the world owes you this “right.” We shall call it universal basic income.
19. and others we make up as we go along.
Similar rules apply to the other games.