POWER NETWORKING EVENT : In person and ONLINE social networking class

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22 spots left


Every 4th Wednesday of the month

The Innovation Center, The Discovery, South Side School

450 Sinclair st. · Reno, NV

How to find us

Downtown Reno close to The Discovery Museum

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We have a special guest coming this night! Meet the awesome Sara Coolidge, master networking expert.


Sandy and Sara are collaborating on a fun and engaging networking event for the first month of the year. Marry the best of in person and online social networking for the best results in 2019.

❤️Lets get together at The Innovation Center in Reno and learn some the best of in person and online social networking strategies that get BIG RESULTS!❤️

So, why should you network? In my nutshell, networking effectively will grow the number of people you are connected to that understand something about who you are and what you are up to, and have given you permission to contact them in the future. This can be the beginning of any number of different kinds of relationships:
1. Mentors: finding someone who has been where you want to go and can explain the journey to you.
2. Friends/social support: meeting others with similar interests who you can socialize with.
3. Customers: finding another person who will become a customer of yours or someone who has a product that you want to own.
4. Peer support and education: learn from others in your field or another area of interest.
5. Collaboration/partnerships: connecting with someone who could become a partner in a project or event with you.
6. Referrals: meeting people who will refer you to their network for business or social purposes or who will scout for connections for you.

Sara Coolidge

Who is Reno Business Group?

We are a group of savvy business owners in the heart of Reno, who get together monthly to share wins and even our losses. Why? To learn what is really working for marketing businesses in Reno and beyond. NETWORK with the area's best small businesses as well.

Examples of some of the awesome business ideas, tips and strategies shared at each FREE workshop:

What is SEO?

Building a brand.

How to start a business in Reno Nv?

How to design a website?

Email marketing

Social media marketing tips

Logo design

Business card ideas

How to network like a pro!

Secret digital marketing tips


Google SEO


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