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Monthly Planning for JMT-High Sierra Backpackers
During the good weather months, the meeting is on Tuesday. I have to start it at 5pm because the restaurant is not busy at 5pm versus starting later. If you can host the event at your place, we can start at 6pm. Indicate in a comment if you want to use your location for the event. Donations will go to the host in such cases too. Beyond 12 people we'll have to find another location. Check back here before driving to this location. The meeting typically lasts 2 to 2.5 hours long. The focus this month is on what needs to be done this time of the year, presuming you plan to do a JMT hike in the summer months plus anything else you want to talk about. Also about some exciting hikes that can be done for training. I created a new Facebook group you may be interested in, the Nevada 13ers ( Visit and join the group if you are interested. To cover meetup expenses, etc., I am asking for a $1 donation at each meetup. It is only a voluntary request. Especially since the location has been changed to just a park. Please peruse the Files and Discussions tab in this group, as there is much information there. Also peruse the Photos too.

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This group is for Reno and nearby California area (a triangle from Sacramento-to-Bishop-to-Reno/Sparks) backpackers interesting in planning, training and doing either (a) the John Muir Trail (JMT), either a segment or a full through-hike of the JMT or (b) the High Sierra portion of the PCT from the Southern Kennedy Meadows to Donner Pass. The JMT is consistently voted the world's most famous remote-wilderness long distance roadless trail, starting from Happy Isles in Yosemite Valley and ending at Whitney Portal after 218 miles, 11 passes, and the lower 48 state's highest mountain, Mt. Whitney. The organizer of this meetup group is the lead moderator of the Yahoo JohnMuirTrail Group (~4600 members) and has done the JMT 8 times. He lives in Reno. Starting in 2016, his goal is to hike from the Southern Kennedy Meadows to Echo Lake.

Because the geographic area is so large, this group is soliciting three more event organizers, one for the Mammoth-Bishop Area, one for the South Lake Tahoe Area, and one for the Sacramento Area. The founder of this group is from Reno. The Meetup Group currently is limited to four event organizers and 50 members, when the group grows, it will be upgraded to handle unlimited event organizers and members.

See my 50 page information-rich presentation on the John Muir Trail at .

Join this group if you are interested in planning, doing or hiking the JMT yourself and want to meet others in your area who are likewise interested. If interested in similar High Sierra long distance hikes, this group is for you too.

Also please join the companion Facebook group for this page at

Message me individually if you are in the areas needing an event organizer and if you want to become one.

Message me individually if you are interested in going on my annual hike where we average about 9 miles a day but are able to hike the pace we want to hike (the group camps together but does not necessarily hike together). The group saves on bookings at Muir Trail Ranch, Packer arrangement, transportation, etc.

Please be aware that this group makes use of the Discussions, Poll, and Files Tab available to each group. Look on home page for the tabs to navigate to those pages. Please make use of each of these pages!

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