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In search of other like-minded people looking for a sense of community in a compassionate, non-judgemental zone. Mainly located in North Valleys area but not exclusive!
Belief that life is too short to wear matching socks, earns triple points.

Looking to have meet-ups every couple weeks including but not limited to: getting together for snacks/picnics at a park, trips to the Discovery museum, get togethers at our homes for fun cheap activities(sidewalk chalk, DIY kid science experiments) or mom/parents night out.
Interest in coffee, natural solutions, rainbows, waking up on the right side of the bed, dancing in the rain, mediation, community, essential oils, unicorns, making funny faces, crystals, jumping in puddles, laughing until it hurts, striving to better yourself and family, face paint is a plus but not required.
Just show up as you & Let's get weird.
Or not, whatever, we won't judge you. :-D

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New Moon Intention Setting

North Valleys

New Moon Intention Setting

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Needs a location

I'd rather be at the park than cleaning my house.

North Valleys Regional Park

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