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I know it's tough when you want to go kayaking and there's nobody around with the equipment or the drive. But, you hate to head out alone...it's not safe and it diminishes the experience. Through this meetup group we hope to connect paddlers. We all have our specific interests. Some like sea kayaks or whitewater or touring...some push the envelope and others just want to explore the outdoors. There are so many kayakers in this area with different interests and we can learn from eachother. Some like it on the edge, some like the relaxing quiet time. It could be freestyle at Wingfield water park or an overnight kayaking/camping trip in the Sierras, or maybe someone wants to head out to the Pacific. What ever floats your boat...the purpose of this group is to find paddling partners....someone to enjoy the water with you.

Because kayakers are active outdoors kind of people, we have also expanded by providing events for hiking and biking.

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Mark Wellman Day

Sparks Marina Park

The annual Mark Wellman Day sponsored by Sparks will be held at the Sparks Marina on Sunday June 9th from 10am to 2pm. It is a event where folks with disabilities are encouraged to take part in biking, climbing, sailing and our favorite Paddling. I typically show up with about 20 boats and need help with safety, putting people in PFD's, getting them a paddle and putting them in a kayak. It is also a nice event to go paddling with a number of other folks. Folks are also welcome to use my boats as long as I still have others for clients. I need help unloading and loading after the event as well. It is always a pleasure to assist those less fortunate with enjoying our sport and others,

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Reno River Festival

Wingfield Park

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