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How many times have your kids whined "I hate school!", "School is so boooooring!", or "Why do I have to learn about ______?"?! Have you struggled with knowing your child is unhappy and not meeting their potential? Have you ever considered home-schooling, but it's not a realistic option? Or maybe it is an option, but you're not sure how to proceed. Let's get together to discuss unique education methods to enable children to direct their own learning and follow their interests. Developing creativity, independence, and curiosity through play and alternative methods of education may even help to avoid the all too common incidence of depression in our youth. This group is especially intended for those that recognize the need for freedom in learning, reform in education, and are open to alternative possibilities.

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What is Self-Directed Education?

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Let's have a conversation about how children learn best, and what it would look like if they were free to follow their own interests. There are many versions of self-directed education all over the world, and it's time for Reno to explore some alternative options. Our children deserve to have fun learning! Of course kids are welcome! I'd love to hear what they think the perfect school would look like!

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