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Do you love dining out, but either don't much like to eat alone or would like some company once in a while? As singles, or even if attached, trying new restaurants and other venues around town alone can be challenging. Why not go with others? Join us as we explore the many restaurants, pubs and fun spots and activities of the Reno/Sparks area. From hole-in-the-wall joints to fine dining, we explore it all. This is a group for both singles and attached who want to make friends and enjoy the local dining scene, festivals, food tastings, and more. There will also be many Happy Hour type events, and many other local, general events designed to help mix and mingle!

Have suggestions of places or venues for us to try or food events, etc? Send me a message and let’s work to get it on the calendar.

Types of Meetups: • Ethnic Eats • White Tablecloth • Food Event and Festivals • Happy Hour • Beer or Wine Dinners or Tastings • Pot Lucks • And many more activities than food or cocktails alone.

Rules (sort of): 1) Reserving space, planning, posting and corresponding takes time. I do this, and the expenses thereof, for the group as a volunteer. Please pay your initial annual dues ($9) promptly, either cash or online, within the 14-day period, and PLEASE renew responsibly! Thanks, I would rather spend my "hobby" time posting event ideas and enjoying them with y'all then tracking down the frequent delinquencies.

(2) Please respect your fellow group members, and me, and use the RSVP function to accurately represent your attendance. If you have a last-minute cancellation, post a comment, message me, or if we text, that also. After 3 no-shows with no communication before or after, you may be removed from the group.

(3) Please respect that this is not primarily a hook-up group. That said, it is entirely possible you may meet someone in the group you wish to date, if you're unattached. Remember to be respectful of each other and the group. That way all can continue to join us safely and comfortably. I will report all hasslers to Meetup HQ.

(4) Failure to cover your tab at any event may make subject you to removal, unless genuinely accidental, as we've experienced that before!! It is important we respect each other; and that means not stiffing anyone with a bill that is not theirs.

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**NEW DATE!!--Tropical summer fun at RSL (Rum, Sugar, Lime)

Yep, Covid uncertainty strikes again! Bummer! They won't be open right away, so let's try again 9/23. I have heard so much about this fun new rum (and etc!) bar in Midtown, and their menu reminds me muchly of many years of Caribbean fun! Easy to reach with the repairs in the area winding down, it's between the Mary St roundabout and Vassar light. Let's try it and add to our regular spots! Patio weather-permitting Website: https://rumsugarlime.com/

Casual cocktails at Lakeside Bar and Grill

Lakeside Bar & Grill

This great little neighborhood restaurant is famed for brunch, but has a large cocktail variety, beers and wines, and great apps too, etc. Relaxing pub atmosphere, but small place, so please no drop-ins. Thanks. They are open late, so plenty of non-rush camaraderie. Website: http://www.lakesidebargrill.com/ Menu at: http://www.lakesidebargrill.com/menu/

Thursday night dinner @ La Cucina

La Cucina

One of the newer casual Italian venues in the south central Reno area is La Cucina. A notable fact is that I always hear positive things (as opposed to mixed) about this spot. It's the longtime brainchild of the more upscale Johnny's Italiano on the west side (a recent meetup), and offers a relaxing atmosphere. Website: http://www.lacucinareno.com/ Menu at: http://www.lacucinareno.com/menu.html Nevada Covid-19 group limit, 2 tables of 6, total 12. Observe event maximum, no drop-ins please!

**RESCHEDULED--Happy Hour at Mill St.(aka 10 Torr) Brewery and Distillery

Join us at a beautiful facility, Mill Street Still and Brew (aka 10 Torr Distillery). They distill some wonderful spirits and brews, and recently revised the name of the facility, to give publicity to the name 10 Torr. We tried the "sneak preview" and its been great ever since. From the website: (http://millstreetstillandbrew.com/) Or-- http://10Torr.com "Mill Street Still and Brew is a new state-of-art brewery and distillery facility located in downtown Reno, Nevada. The building at 490 Mill street was originally constructed in 1940 as a grocery store. The building has now been transformed into a beautiful new high-tech brewery and distillery that still maintains the original building truss ceilings, brick masonry and maple hardwood floors. Great efforts were made to preserve the original old character of the building to uniquely blend with the new modern brewery and distillery usage. The tasting and tap room provides customers with some of the finest precision Crafted Beers and Vacuum Distilled Spirits made by the Whipple Brewing and Distilling Co while enjoying the comfortable and relaxing charm of the old building with its new state-of-art processing equipment. Our precision vacuum distillation process (also known as molecular distillation or cold distillation) occurs at low pressure and ambient temperature. When traditional heat distillation is applied to a spirits mash, chemical reactions will occur that cause unwanted harsh flavors and loss of the natural flavors in the distilled spirits. Our State-of-the-Art 10 Torr Technology results in no chemical reactions so that all of the spirits mash natural flavors are completely preserved; thus producing the finest tasting spirits in the industry. Taste the difference for yourself!"

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