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Regular meetings on small business use of the cloud and migrating small business and enterprise to the cloud.

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Ransom Virus: Prevention, Control, and Recovery

Online event

Ransom Virus: Prevention, Control, and Recovery

Protect Wireless Networks
NIST Framework for the Enterprise
Physical Security
Vendor Security
Mobile Devices
CyberSecurity Policy
Balancing Remote Access Needs with Security Requirements
Ransom Virus: Prevention, Control, and Recovery
Expansion of IoT and CyberSecurity Risks
CyberSecuirty and Edge Computing

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Jump Start Your Small Business: Using Google, Meetup, and YouTube for Marketing

Silicon Networks Group - Reno

Jump Start Your Small Business: Using Google, Meetup, and YouTube for Marketing

Discover the power tools for FREE marketing of your small business. Learn how to use Google tools for FREE marketing of your website. Work with FACEBOOK for FREE advertising of your products and services.

Meetup is an excellent online tool to add content to the Google database. Learn how to create your own Youtube channel for maximum exposure of your firm.

In two hours, learn how to launch your small business in less than a week. Realtors can learn how to market properties for free in this two hour workshop. Learn how to create a Youtube virtual tour.

Brick and mortar marketers can learn how to use channels to display products and attach to a shopping cart.

For More Information: www.siliconnetworks.us. This is an online course offered by SiliconNetworks.us.

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Augmented and Mixed Reality in the Business Community

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ZOOM Online Workshop: Augmented and Mixed Reality in the Reno Business Community

All Silicon Networks Group Workshops have Migrated Online.

In the mid-nineteen eighties, virtual realty hailed as the next Artificial Intelligence application. The next step from Virtual Reality is Augmented Realty.

Augmented Reality is the merging of virtual slices of the real world. As an example, slot machine technician can image a suspect relay on the control panel, and a supervisor miles away can superimpose the original part image to compare the color for defect signs.

This workshop explorers for elements of Augmented Reality for Business:

• Visual operation guidance
• Object Recognition
• Solutions for Retail business
• Multi-modal context-aware conversation engine

As an example, a retail application includes inventory count on a product rack. Augmented reality could be used shortly at your local Walmart Store or franchised 7-11.

Social Media and Augmented Reality:

Lilach Bullock concluded a recent post with :

"Augmented reality already is heavily linked to social media because of Snapchat and more recently, Instagram and Facebook. Plus, these top social networks are very much encouraging people to not only use their AR features as much as possible, but even to create their own AR experiences by giving the tools they need to build AR camera lenses and effects." https://www.forbes.com/sites/lilachbullock/2018/11/16/ar-and-social-media-is-augmented-reality-the-future-of-social-media/#7da793f2e141

Join us for this Business Focused Workshop via Zoom.com. Online Everywhere. Link will be emailed to all registered attendees.

For More Information www.siliconnetworks.us

AWordPressHost.COM presents Edge Computing, IoT, and the Future of the Cloud

Silicon Networks Group - Reno

The Future of Edge Computing, IoT, and the Cloud, a Zoom Workshop

In the past decades we have gone through centralized processing, distributed processing, client-server technology, internet objects, and cloud computing.

Cloud computing is currently the paradigm of centralized processing. Web servers provide the majority of Internet content. Cloud computing centralizes shared private servers.

Cloud computing allows enterprise and government to obtain computing sources as service, from a service provider, instead of supporting a local data center.
The major players in providing cloud services include , DigitalOcean, Azure, Google Cloud, VMWare. There is an evolution is computing towards Edge Computing.

Intertwined with Edge Computing is the Internet of Things.
According to Computer, the IEEE Computer Society Journal:
“Edge computing is a new computing paradigm in which substantial compute and storage resources are placed at the edge of the Internet, in close proximity to mobile devices, sensors, end users, and Internet of Things devices. This physical proximity improves latency, bandwidth, trust, and survivability.”

Published October 2017, https://tinyurl.com/quycjr3

View the IBM YouTube Video on the Watson IoT Platform: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hmbutoyOIc

Silicon Networks Group is a GSA provider for IBM and Lenovo Computer Solutions: www.siliconnetworks.us/GSA.

For More Information, www.siliconnetworks.us.

This is a ZOOM online workshop. Register today, limited connections.

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