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Highlands Healing/Highlands Reiki Center is evolving! Now offering many more ways to develop, enhance, and open up your intuition to connection with self and source.

Owner and founder of Highlands Reiki, Deann Carter, Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Master Transformational Life Coach, and Angel Intuitive, will be offering Reiki Training classes, guided meditations, Binaural Beats Meditations, Reiki Circles, Drum journeying, Silent Retreats, and more.

We look forward to seeing you at our next meetup!

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Amethyst Far Infrared Biomat and Sound Healing

Highlands Reiki


Anyone can come who wants to enjoy Reiki Provided by me and any others who are Reiki Attuned, Sound Healing using any of the following: a buffalo Hoop drum, Tingshas, and Tibetan bowls, Bells, and any other sound healing instruments you want to bring with you if you have some available, and taking turns receiving the healing benefits of a Far Infrared Amethyst Biomat. The limit for this event will be 6 max. To ensure ample time on the Reiki table for each person! I will have two tables set up, one with a heated pad and the other with the heated Biomat. Restrictions for use of Biomat: Current Pregnancy Pacemaker/Defibrillator Seizures Organ Transplant Hemophilia Renal Failure Blood Clot Brain Tumor Heart Condition *If you have any of the above it is recommended you do not use Far Infrared Heating.

Reiki Circle/Share

Highlands Reiki


Come and share the gift of Reiki with other like-minded individuals. This circle is for all Reiki professionals level one attuned and higher. Give and receive 20-30 minutes of Reiki. Doors will open at 7, sessions will start at 7:15, and end promptly at 9. Please be sure to rsvp! This is cross-posted on Meetup groups: Renton Reiki, Reiki Southsounders, and Reiki Fellowship Circle. $10 donation for the host

Reiki United Level 2

Highlands Reiki


Level 2 Reiki United Course. Reiki Level 1 prerequisite required. Gain more knowledge and expand your Reiki energies! long distance Reiki is introduced and you will receive two more attunements.

Reiki United Level Three/Reiki Master Class

Highlands Reiki

*Work with Master Symbol *Guided Voice and Body Scanning *Introduction to Chinese Healing Techniques you can use in combo with Reiki *Meet your Reiki Master Teacher Guided Meditation *Presentations of some aspect in Reiki 15 minute minimum each *Learn and practice how to give Attunements Reiki United Level 3/Reiki Master Class. Pre-requisite > Levels One and Two Reiki Practitioners Classes.

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Self-heal with Reiki/Level One Course

Highlands Reiki


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