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Ranked Choice of Philadelphia.

Ranked Choice voting, also known as instant runoff voting.

What is Ranked Choice voting?




This is a group that believes that our 2 party system is very flawed, it does not reflect what the average American believes and that third parties are treated as a joke because the system is rigged against them. Instant runoff, ranked ballot voting(see description below) or approval voting is a form of voting currently used in Ireland and Australia and now in the Maine Primaries that allows you to rank the candidates by preference and if your top candidate does not get enough votes, your vote goes to your second or third choice depending on who ultimately ends up getting the most votes. This ensures that you less often feel like you are throwing away your vote to vote 3rd party and they actually have a chance of winning. What’s even better is the Constitution allows states to make election laws so we can actually change this on a grassroots level. City laws can even be changed to get people used to and more aware of the concept, as Maine, Minneapolis, MN Oakland city CA now uses the process. Lets gather together all people left, right or center who believe that there should be more choices other than the 2 we are given if we want to have a strong America that represents the people. Rules of this group:

Rule 1. Other than election laws we do not talk about politics

Rule 2:We do NOT talk about politics There are conservatives, liberals, libertarians, greens, constitutionalists, social democrats and more views in this group. Convincing the other that your way of thinking is better is not for this group

Rule 3: Do not reveal to people what your political stance is. Treat this like a professional work environment, its not your or their business who people vote for, just that we all agree the system is flawed

Rule 4: Do not make snide remarks about current parties or office holders. They are a product of the system. We need to focus only on how we can fix it

Rule 5: Do not discuss conspiracy theory. If the conspiracy is true, then nothing we do will matter anyway so why are you in this group trying to change things.

Rule 6: We all have strengths and knowledge to bring to the table that others don’t have. That is what America is. Bring your skills and knowledge and we will try to put them to work

Rule 7: Be Polite, Be professional, and be positive.

Rule 8: Volunteer what you can

Rule 9: If you can’t control talking about your political views beyond what is needed to change the laws in terms of voting you will be asked to leave

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