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OK I just took over the group, but the point is to make this better. Republicans need to be able to meet and speak freely in a BLUE state. So this meetup is a great place for that. We can start with dinner discussions and happy hours.

As things progress, we can do weekend events, meet, mingle, bowl, picnic, BBQs, or host game nights at somebody's home. The point is that we'll have a unified group to socialize with where we're all on the same page.

I have other groups I manage and they are difficult some days, like walking on egg shells because when someone starts spouting off about how much they hate Trump, people take sides. Then the activity based group becomes politically charged and difficult. So by having a group where we're all pointed in the same direction, there's less stress about politics, which at this point is in the forefront of our thoughts as mature adults.

So send me messages if you have a Club House with a pool or a nice place to entertain folks on the weekend. It will probably be on Saturday afternoons in all honesty. That's when we all have time to RELAX.

We'll use the message board for important notifications like jobs, or needed general announcements that need visibility. I do marketing for small businesses, but I hesitate to push that unless someone really needs help increasing their revenues 30%. For the most part, I just want to create a unified social environment.

I wish this state was RED. I've lived in Denver, New Jersey, New York, Indianapolis, Arizona and this is my home state. I've always been very conservative. Even in college I felt like I had a stick up my ass. But I tried to keep an open mind. As I get older, I find my mind is still open but I'm deeply republican.

(If anyone needs help, I'm the first one to volunteer my expert assistance free of charge. I'm an MBA with experience in manufacturing, service, B2G, B2B, B2C, banking, licensing, e-commerce, and e-marketing. I have a service I can ask legal questions on your behalf too, confidentially. So let me know if you need help. I keep everything confidential. Nobody needs to, or will ever know. A good decision is priceless and I have examples nationwide to share with you in several verticals.)

So let's stick together and help stay unified. I'm on facebook in several of the Trump Groups. The monthly meetings at Sizzler are through partnership with the facebook Republican Group. So there's usually 25 people there in the conference room.

Best regards,

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