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Surfing the Dimensional Shift, Q&A ~ Geralyn St. Joseph

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Something is different. Let's explore the dimensional shift that is occurring. This is not a simple energy wave that we are experiencing, it is a shift, movement, change. Lasting change, a new way of being in the Universe. What do we need to do to not simply survive, but thrive in this new environment?

For more info check out this blog:

I will add to this description when I can. Hope to see you there! ~Geralyn

"We are so fortunate when we can snag Geralyn. Since this is her profession, and we will be benefactors to her profound insight and knowledge, I'll pass a donation bucket. Also, she had another run of her books and I cannot recommend enough at least buying her "What Are You Dealing With" book as it is a superb foundation for understanding what it is that is standing next to you that you can't see, but you know is there. So I'd recommend bringing cash to purchase it.

So think about it, a rousing inner-esting discussion, then a Q&A session with whatever you may wish to gain knowledge of, good food and, like I am told at almost every meetup,: "I can't tell you how much I appreciate you putting these together. Al last I have people I can talk to !!"

More will follow as to the content of the meeting. I am excited to be able to see yousins again. " ~ Tom