• February casual lunch

    The Streets at Southpoint

    Lunch is back for 2023! We'll be returning to the Southpoint mall food court. Suggestions appreciated for future venues.

    NB: Our first lunch will be in February, NOT January. Posting this now so that I don't forget to do it later.

    If you do plan to attend, be cool. We've all got different risk tolerances; the point of this meetup is for folks to feel relaxed and comfortable and get their data nerd chat on. If you don't feel up to hanging out in public, we get it. We'll see you online and hopefully we can see you in 3D again soon.

  • Two-Sided Matching for Optimization Problems

    Needs a location

    Victor Lo and Ping Yao of Fidelity Investments will describe their cutting-edge research on using two-sided matching algorithms to for win-win optimization.

    This will be a hybrid event--online and in person. Our speakers will be remote.