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Anarchists Discuss: Rebellion in France!... The Yellow Vest Movement
A movement of hundreds of thousands has erupted on to the streets of France. Initially in opposition to a rise in fuel taxes imposed by President Macron, sentiment quickly turned towards a call for his resignation, and among other things, calls for free public transportation and an increase in the number of such services across the country. The movement is mixed, however, including anarchists, social democrats, conservatives and fascists. Workers march with bosses, and incidents of bigoted behavior have been reported, presumably originating from fascist demonstrators. While fascists may recently have been rejected by sections of the movement, questions remain about the class nature of the demonstrations, and what path they are likely to take. What is for sure is that Macron's centrist neo-liberal politics have quickly fallen from grace following his march to success in the recent french presidential elections. Join us on Tuesday 18th December @ The Anchor, Digbeth to consider: - Does the Yellow Vest movement represent an upswing for the class-struggle in France? - What are the best elements which have emerged from the movement? - What can we learn from the mistakes and successes of the movement so far? JOIN THE DISCUSSION! __________________________________________________________ WHAT'S HAPPENING: Join RAG for our monthly public meeting to discuss Anarchist-Communist perspectives on the big issues of the day. Come find out what Anarchism and anti-capitalism are all about, and get a fresh perspective on current events, politics, work, money and power. These events are specially designed to provide a positive and welcoming atmosphere for those new to politics, Anarchism and activism. Feel free to bring a friend! ABOUT US: The Revolutionary Anarchist Group (RAG) is an open group of activists seeking to progress the case for international Anarchist-Communist revolution - that is, a society run by the people, for the people, without rulers or politicians, where wealth is distributed according to need, rather than birth or status. At RAG, everyone who gets involved has a say. That's the Anarchist way... no rulers! Whether you are already an AnCom, or just want to learn more about Anarchist Communism, all are welcome! MEETING TOPIC WILL BE CONFIRMED CLOSER TO THE DAY TO MAKE SURE IT'S RELEVANT TO CURRENT EVENTS :) _________________________________________________________________________________ You can check out our group, or 'like' us, on Facebook: Or, support our work though our GoGetFunding page:

The Anchor Digbeth

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