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Protect Women's Reproductive Rights
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Carmichael Library

· Tuesday, February 28, 2017 This is a planning meeting for action and networking with other groups. Prolife activity in Sacramento is about to heat up. Our response is needed emediatly. · Women's Reproductive choices are under attack by the Right nationally and here in Sacramento. Californian's For Life are focusing on Sacramento with a month long protest and media activities. What are we going to do about it? A few weeks ago, the call went out to match and block protesters outside Planned Parenthood facilities. This Meetup had just gotten started, but we managed to get some people out at a variety of clinics around town. The response was overwhelming. It looked to me as though we had outnumbered the protesters 10:1. As we know, having an overwhelming majority looks good but sometimes does not affect policy changes or Resist Policy Changes that a minority wants to impose on others. We mistakenly assume that majority opinion should largely guide our government’s policies and laws, but there are those that have found ways to control elections, referendums and legislatures with means that we do not have resources to overcome. Reason and facts are our usual ways of persuading each other, but these days the right has put those normative means away and has perfected the emotional appeal and rhetoric of individual and states’ rights for the purpose of winning control or reclaiming control for moving their agenda forward and the progress of democracy back. The "Right to life" activists are closely allied and support regressive politicians and the full range of policies they embrace. Understanding this is our keys to winning the “culture wars”. It is the key to our alliance with Environmentalist fighting global Climate Change and our compassion for Refugees and Immigrants, to our interests in World Peace and Mutual cooperation Right to Lifers will be out in force this whole month at the Ethan Way Facility. We have some opportunities to ”Protect” our community from organized efforts to deny access to women. We have the opportunity to engage in ways that expose the rhetoric of the right in their lies and deception just as Donald Trump’s lies and deceptions have been exposed by the press. We have an opportunity to network with other movements and other social media that have thousands, if not millions of members looking for ways to walk their talk and stop the isolation caused by the polarization promoted by the new Right Campaigns to "Make America Great Again" The time reserved at the library is 8:30 to 10:30, prior to that some of us will meet at 6:00 to 7:30 at: Milagro Centre 6241 Fair Oaks Blvd, Carmichael, CA We were lucky to get the Library again, so any that can come to the primary meeting, please come to that one too. I am going to put this on The Sacramento Resist calendar and I am sure that there will be a healthy number from that group of 660 members. Please invite anyone that has an interest in this issue. The main planning meeting will decide some actions tomorrow night.

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