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I know that everyone has very busy lives and you can't make it to every event. You have families to tend to and money to make and all that stuff. Even I can't make it to every event. That said, I want to be sure we stay active even in our busy lives. That is why I am creating Stay Home Sundays. All it is is an initiative to contact a representatives or be active in some small way. Be that calling, emailing, or writing a letter! Pick a topic, possibly a topic based on something that happened the week previously, and then send that message! These tasks only take between 15 and 60 minutes. Let's inspire each other by posting what we do in the discussion! Even if you have to take action on the Saturday before or the Monday after! I was inspired by #ResistTrumpTuesdays please check that out as well if you are able. This encourages you to get out to local events and rallies every week. In addition to writing a letter to a legislator, I will be writing a letter to Barbara Comstock every week raising the issue of town halls to her. I will also offer to her, the opportunity to have a town hall organized for her by our group. I am not afraid we would have to then organize a town hall because I doubt she would agree to such a thing, but I think we could do it if she did agree. I urge all of you to also send a letter to Barbara Comstock regarding the issue of a town hall every week. It can be your one thing for the week, you don't need to do another! Please consider doing this!

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