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Concerned about where the country is heading? You're not alone. Join others who care about what's happening to democracy, equality, human rights, social justice, sustainability, and other important topics. It's ok if you've never been to a protest, march, or town hall -- start here. You really can make a difference.


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Never Doubt That a Small Group of Committed People Can Change the World. Indeed, It is the Only Thing That Ever Has. Click Here for More Info (http://www.foundationforabioeconomy.org/).

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Climate Change Solutions

Weaver Street Market

Just in case You don't Beleive in Climate Change, Maybe You should. Please take a few minutes out of Your busy Carbon Footprint day and watch these short videos and then Share what you learned with your Neighbors before it's Too Late! https://youtu.be/IgAdSwnRocA Perhaps there is a Solution that has not been Shared with You yet, Please take just a moment and watch the video below to learn more. Then Click on this link to learn more (http://www.foundationforabioeconomy.org/) that the Solutions can be even more that just Climate Change. https://vimeo.com/industrialevolution/evolutionofconsumerproducts Thanks, Hope to see You at our Next Resist Raleigh Meetup. To Share what's Important to You and Your Community.

Do you care about animals? Join us in Tar Heel with NC Farmed Animals Save!

• What we'll do We'll hold signs in support of ending the torture and slaughter of the pigs at the slaughterhouse here, hand out vegan pamphlets to anyone inquisitive, give water to the dehydrated, smothering, panicked, prayers and love to the pigs in the trucks that stop before they are sent to their deaths. I am not the organizer of this, Roxanne Catlandia is, who you can find on Facebook, I'm doing this to get as many people as possible to show up. • What to bring Water, food, as we usually eat afterwards, a sign if you have one, but, mainly yourself with a compassionate heart. • Important to know The only way the torture and murder of animals is going to end is through our taking action and making people aware of their plight. Please come and show your support, the more of us the more strength we have.

Tuesdays with Tillis

Senator Thom Tillis Raleigh office

Pressure Senator Thom Tillis to host a town hall meeting. Voice your concerns. These weekly rallies are growing and receiving weekly press coverage. Come if and when you can.

Bioregional Economics and Natural Resources


Did You know that Hemp can Help in 7 Ways? Hemp can Help the Local Economies with Local Paper, Plastics, Concrete, Medicine, Fiber, Food, and Fuel. https://vimeo.com/111462278 I know You're Super Busy and Don't have much Time, However, Please watch these short Videos to Learn More. https://youtu.be/E2fhZMJaA38 Thanks again and Hope to See You soon, Hemp Solar Revolution! Please Don't forget that "We the People" was written on Hemp Paper. Also, Know this that the First 3 Presidents of the United States of America were Hemp Farmers. https://vimeo.com/industrialevolution/stopwatchthink To Learn More Click Here. (http://www.foundationforabioeconomy.org/about) Thanks for Watching, Please share with others.

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Tuesdays with Tillis

Senator Thom Tillis Raleigh office

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