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Film & discussion "The Sequel: What Will Follow Our Troubled Civilization?"
Details Optional potluck at 6 PM Film at 7 PM Transition Sarasota is partnering with WSLR 96.5 Community Radio Station to show "The Sequel: What Will Follow Our Troubled Civilization?" Opening with a powerful ‘deep time’ perspective, from the beginning of the Earth to our present moment, this film recognizes the fundamental unsustainability of today’s society and dares to ask the big question: What will follow? Around the world, fresh shoots are already emerging as people develop the skills, will and resources necessary to recapture the initiative and re-imagine civilization, often in the ruins of collapsed mainstream economies. We encounter extraordinary projects and people from four continents including renegade economist Kate Raworth, conservative philosopher Roger Scruton, Gaian ecologist Stephan Harding, localization revolutionary Helena Norberg-Hodge, inspirational practivist Rob Hopkins, eco-pioneer Jonathon Porritt and philanthropist/composer Peter Buffett. They are cultivating a resilience not reliant on the impossible promise of eternal economic growth; developing diverse, convivial, satisfying contexts for lives well lived. Don Hall, Co-Director of Transition US will be on hand to facilitate a discussion following the film. ~~~~~~~ PS - borrowed this information from another Meetup site that you may join. All things environmental.

Fogertyville Community Media and Arts Center

525 Kumquat Court · Sarasota, FL

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