Extremely UNstable genius! FEAR trump's incompetence! He may start 3 WARS soon!

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Be afraid, be very afraid for the future of the World! The incompetent malignant narcissist demagogue is NOT competent to be POTUS!!

trump's incompetence by being played for the fool that he is by Kim J Un, Maduro and Iran, and seeking a diversion from the coming impeachment, may cause the deaths of 1 Million Koreans and some thousands of our troops in the middle East within a few months!

Please call ALL the Senators and Reps this week, tell them to get rid of trump ASAP or he may be the cause of the end of the World this year!

The ONLY thing that will prevent such Evil from prevailing, is for good men to remove trump! Kelly and Mattis were trying to prevent trump!