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Pima County, AZ: Regenerate Our Food, Health, Climate, and Politics

Our common planet, and our common governing system, are in crisis. We must unite to resist the forces that are degenerating our food, health, climate, social and political systems—but we must also focus on solutions, on how to regenerate those systems.

The Regeneration Movement is a grassroots-powered movement that aims to connect the dots between all of our burning single issues, and bring together people and movements into a united and powerful force capable of transforming the marketplace through consumer campaigns, and of reclaiming our democracy by electing new city, county and state officials. The Regeneration Movement is not a partisan left or right, democratic, republican, independent, green party or libertarian movement. This Resist & Regenerate meetup, one of hundreds across the country, is open to everyone who wants to learn more about regenerative food, farming and natural health, and how these issues also relate to climate, and social and economic justice.

Everyone who attends will be invited to participate in the Consumer and Political Revolutions that we so desperately need.



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