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Welcome to our meetup group. We’re looking to explore alternative ways of understanding our world. Houston has such a diverse group of people and so we’re looking to explore how the connection of Mind, Body and Spirit intersects with our diverse perspectives and see if we can find ways to balance our ideas so that they may all coexist and inform us of more possibilities.

We will bring together people from different fields and have either round tables, panels or audience participation to ask ourselves the difficult questions that we all want to explore but aren’t sure where to start.

Here are some topics that we are you looking to cover:
Alternative Medicine, Meditation 101, Reiki and energy healing, Quantum Mechanics and similar topics, Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine, Spirituality in entertainment formats, Extraterrestrials and UFO, Balance between Intuition and Reasoning. Connection between the Mind, Body and Spirit individually and how to Empower and improve each of them.

We’re looking for people in the Houston area that would like to connect with us and are OPEN to receive other people’s ideas and thoughts as new ways to understand who we are as humans and our part in a galactic community.

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Reincarnation, past life regression and the science of the soul

Common Bond Bistro & Bakery - Heights

Ever wonder why some seem to remember experiences or dreams that feel so familiar but never experienced it in their current life? Why are some children able to recall the death of their previous life? Can we look at life and death differently when there are hypnotherapist that can show us the depth of our souls?

Reincarnation seems to be controversial in the west, but is a fundamental concept in the east and now that the world's cultures are converging together, how do we reunite what we may have known but forgotten in the pages of history.

Let us have conversations around this topic, bring up scientific evidence and cultural anecdotes to explore the depth of our soul and why it matters to know about our past lives and how does it affect us in our lives today.

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The Great Awakening... what does that mean to me?

3730 Farm to Market 2920

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