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What we’re about

We all know that the majority of organisations, as they are run today, are problematic. However we measure, less than 1 in 5 are truly engaged at work, whether manager or employee. Most organizations still rely on a way of working designed over 100 years ago for the challenges and opportunities of the industrial age, with static team structures and siloed, command and control systems. 

That's why in this group we explore new ways to work and organize.

Responsive Org aims to develop a shared language and independent global community that promotes and enables a fundamental shift in our way of working and organizing. Get more information about the Responsive Org movement here

With approaches that foster new organizing models, e.g. self-organizing systems like Holacracy and so-called Evolutionary Teal organisation practices we may be witnessing a "light at the end of the tunnel". 

In this meet-up we exchange pioneering experiences, learn about new methods and systems, and we invite organizations to share their new "responsive practices" with our community.