• Hackney Fixers Restart Party


    **This party is hosted by Hackney Fixers** This will be our first visit to Hackney Wick. We'll be helping you repair electricals and clothes at the Hub 67 community centre, close to the overground station. So bring along your Tired Toasters, Poorly Printers, Morbid Mobiles and Lazy Laptops. Our volunteer Restarters will help you diagnose the fault, give you tips on repairing and help you to repair your own stuff!

  • Fixers Crystal Palace: Restart Party

    Upper Norwood Library,

    **This Restart Party is hosted by the Library of Things and Transition Town Crystal Palace** Toaster being problematic? Mobile phone giving you grief? Blender driving you mad? Laptop playing up? Bring it, we'll help you fix it! Free drop-in repair session for electrical goods* and clothing A repair party is a place for people who like fixing or need things fixing - and together they work to bring poorly electronics back to life. *one electrical item per person, and no microwaves please! Disclaimer: We're happy to help you learn how to repair. We are not repair professionals, and repair parties are a community self-repair space. Attending means that you take responsiblity for your own gadget. Please back up your data. One item per person, and no microwaves please! For more details search for 'Crystal Palace Fixers' on Facebook, or see here: https://www.libraryofthings.co.uk/events-calendar/2019/3/10/crystal-palace-repair-party Brought to you by Crystal Palace Library of Things, Crystal Palace Transition Town and Upper Norwood Library Hub.

  • Kilburn Restart party

    Abbey Community Centre

    **This party is hosted by Transition Town Kensal to Kilburn** Restart Parties are free and fun events giving practical help to fix your broken or tired gadgets. Slow laptops, broken printers, coffee grinders, lamps, kettles, vacuums and many other small electrical items! We’ll help you figure out the problem and give help and advice on how to fix it. Restart Parties promote the repair and maintenance of electronics that may otherwise be thrown away. Our volunteers will help you learn to fix, we're not simply a free repair service and we can’t guarantee to fix everything. DO Check if your device is still within warranty, you may be eligible for a free repair, replacement or a refund. (Which? helps in the UK). Take responsibility for your device and your data. Our volunteers are there to help you learn to fix your gadget, not to provide a free repair service. Please back up your data before the event. Charge up your device and bring all leads and adaptors. Get in touch with organisers if you have any questions about whether a fix is possible. DON’T Assume repairs will be successful. We help fix over half of devices at our events. Even if your repair is unsuccessful, you will learn about your device and why it failed. Expect us to have spare parts. However we can help you source them. Often people visit twice: first we’ll help diagnose the fault, then you source the spare part, and on your return we’ll help you do a replacement. Attempt a mobile screen repair just to save money. DIY mobile screen repair is a learning opportunity first and foremost. Please see our advice page first. Bring a microwave. For more info https://therestartproject.org/

  • Hackney Restart Party

    Stamford Hill Library

    **** This event is organised by Hackney Fixers **** In March Hackney Fixers will be heading North to host a Restart Party and clothing repair workshop in the unique community of Stamford Hill. So dig out those jaded jeans, lazy laptops and tired toasters and bring them along. Our volunteers will advise you on how to fix your own stuff! We hope to see lots of our regular restarters and welcome first-timers as well. Stamford Hill Library is near the Overground stations at Stamford Hill and Stoke Newington and local buses from Manor House, Tottenham Hale, Finsbury Park and Dalston. We look forward to seeing you!

  • Ruislip Manor Restart Party

    Ruislip Manor Library

    **This event is hosted by Hillingdon Friends of the Earth** Join Hillingdon Friends of the Earth for our 4th Restart Party in Ruislip Manor Library. Bring us your worn out electronic goods and we will help you to repair them. Need any simple sewing repairs such as buttons and hems? We can help you with that too.