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This group is for all Alexa Users and Developers. Lets get together to share our Alexa experiences, and inspire others to create highly Engaging, Educational and Entertaining skills for personal or business use.

1. Alexa for Personal use
Have an Alexa / Echo lying at home still in the box ? Bring it to this meet-up and someone in the community can help you get started ! 2. Alexa for Business use
See cool demos of how Alexa is already being used at various business in Reston and learn how you could easily get started with using Alexa for your Business. 3. Alexa for Developers
Learn how quickly create new Alexa skills for your personal or business use in 2 hours or less ! See the power of Open Source Data Grids and BigParser's Open Voice Framework and API.

4. Would like to present your good work at this Meet-up ? Simply message the organizer with your request !

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Alexa : Show me what you've got !

12030 Sunrise Valley Dr