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Fit singles 50 plus who want to make new friends while enjoying life. Let's find and explore the the best the Washington Metropolitan area has to offer in the way of hiking, biking, art, music, food, craft beverages, and anything else on offer in this recreation rich area. Let's get to know each other and have fun in the process! Ideas for MeetUps are encouraged and welcome! We really love it when we find surprise great things to do near Reston. If you have a talent, we'd love for you to demonstrate it. If you know a cool place or event, we'd love for you to show us. If you know a great hike or cool day trip, please lead the way.

A few group norms:

- Use The Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” That means consider the needs of others when you sign up. If you can't do a long hike sign up for a short one. If you can't walk at an art show, don't go. Go to a dinner instead. If you can't drink, order a non-alcoholic beverage. If you have a special dietary need, bring a dish you can eat to a potluck etc., In other words, don't impose your needs or limitations on others.

- Hikes/walks will be rated 1-5 in terms of pace, length and elevation. 1 is easiest. 5 is hardest. Please choose the right challenge level for you.

- Please make friends, but be kind and considerate about dating in the group. Kindly do not contact people via the MeetUp app unless you have their permission before hand and unless you have met them in person. Try to date in various MeetUp groups so as to avoid dating friends of friends when possible.

- Let's joke around and have fun but avoid lewd and sexual innuendo. Some people are okay with this but others aren't and it leads to discomfort.

- If you want to talk politics, make sure everyone is on board.

- If you have an issue with another member or an organizer, be respectful in addressing the issue. Profanity or insults are not acceptable. Try to work it out with the person before coming to me.

- Please cancel as soon as possible if you are not coming to an event. It costs time and money for organizers to travel and organize events. Restaurants and bars loose money when start times and numbers are not honored. This is not fair to business owners.

- Kindly limit cell phone use during events.

- If you are hurt or injured during an event, please let us know as soon it becomes an issue so we may render assistance and before the issue grows large.

Thank you. We look forward to meeting you and enjoying your company.

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Book Club Discussion: The Splendid and the Vile by Eric Larson

Dear Friends, We have agreed to read The Splendid and The Vile by Eric Larson. Whet your whistle for the book by reading this New York Times review: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/02/25/books/review/the-splendid-and-the-vile-erik-larson.html. It sounds fascinating. To get in the mood, you may also want to watch The Crown on Netflix. It shows Churchill encouraging King Edward's dalliance with Wallis Simpson because both were sympathetic to Nazi Germany. This helped move along King Edward's abdication to give England a more sensible crown head. A great book for a stirring time in history and perhaps a great distraction from our own historic moment. I will post a Zoom link soon. Happy Reading! The date was changed because the book is loooong!

Book Club Discussion: The Bees by Laline Paul

Online event

Let's take the sting out of quarantine, by reading, Laline Paull’s ambitious and bold first novel, “The Bees,” that follows Flora 717, a bee sanitation worker doomed by her birth to the lowest caste of her community. She is large and ugly and — oh, yes — a bee. What could feel gimmicky or cute never does; Flora 717 is a brave and spirited soul, and it is a pleasure to follow her through the hive and the air. The brief prologue and epilogue are the only sections of the book with humans, aside from a single scene halfway through in which a man harvesting honey comes off something like Godzilla. Truly, who needs people when bees provide this much pathos? To create buzz about the book here's The New York Times book review which I excerpted above: https://www.nytimes.com/2014/05/25/books/review/the-bees-by-laline-paull.html. Zoom link to be posted.

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