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Restore the Fourth is a grassroots, non-partisan movement; we believe the government of the United States must respect the right to privacy of all its citizens as the Fourth Amendment clearly states. We seek to bring awareness to the abuses against our civil liberties and the erosion of this cornerstone of our democracy.

Our inalienable rights protected by the U.S. Constitution have been secretly violated by the activities of the NSA. Restore the Fourth was created to demonstrate to our leaders the permanence of the rights of American citizens and the importance of transparency in addressing its constituency. Furthermore, we aim to prove that when these rights are idly ignored, the parties responsible will be held accountable for their actions.

On July 4th, we are planning to hold a series of large, nonviolent protests in cities across the country. You can look for one near you by clicking on the resources link above. The protests will be uniform in their message: that the government of the United States of America must adhere to its constitutionally dictated limits of power and respect the fourth amendment and the privacy of its citizens.

National website: http://www.restorethefourth.net/

NYC Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/restorethe4thnyc
NYC Twitter: http://twitter.com/RestoreThe4thNY
NYC E-mail: restorethe4thnyc@gmail.com

National Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/RestoreTheFourth
National Twitter: http://twitter.com/Restore_the4th

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