What we're about

Let's take it back 10-30 years. We will be having most events at Action Burger in Williamsburg brooklyn. Where they have 1000s of retro games and systems and Nintendo Jazz nights on Friday and Saturdays at 8pm.

They have:

- 600+ Nintendo & SNES.

- Dream cast games.

- Nintendo Duck hunt.

-2 Game cubes with 30+ games each.

- Xbox original with 150+ games.

- 2 xbox 360s with 600+ games.

-WTF acrade with 20,000 games in 1.

- Vertipin pinball game system with 1000 virtual pinball games in 1.

- 621 arcade games in 1

- Ultracade with 250 games in 1.

-Wii u for reservations

- Karaoke and more.

Where else can you play all this games?

We want to setup meetups on different days to play these games.

BI- MONTHLY TOURNAMENTS at Action burger. Marvel vs capcom 1, 2, 3, infiniti, Dragon ball Z, Mortal kombat 2, street fighter 2 champion edition

Bring your friends or meet new ones, and enjoy all the awesome history of gaming has to offer!

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