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This is a group for anyone looking to grow in life, business or just becoming a better person creating a better surrounding. This group is a master mind brainstorming partnership that will attract great people with great ideas and together we will build each other to success. We will help great people to Self-heal, locate their true dreams and over come the obstacles that hold people back from creating their true dreams to success.. We are not alone in this great world.

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Whose dreams are we chasing? Whose dreams are we attracting.

Sometimes you attract deep down what you chose to hide since a child. May not even know that thought exists but that thought may be attracting your life today. This is why you need to self-heal as you return to success. End of story you attract the definition of you that lives in your own mind. You can read every book out there and may get confused. I wrote my book Self-Heal And Become Success in simple forms guiding you to understand these books. Believe me, it took years to understand these books with many costly mistakes reading these books wrong. I even write free chapters on my website returning2success.com. Start your journey now. "You will get what you concentrate on so make sure you are focused on your definition of success not someone else's". - John Raniola.

Elite life patterns. Master Mind Alliance.

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Looking to connect, future business owners, business owners, nonprofits, lightworkers or anyone looking to create a greater world for others and themselves.

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