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It's not what you do, it's how you do it!

The Reverence Rituals group is about tuning in with one's own energy system to become more related to ourselves and connected with the world around us through our energy healing events and workshops. Those include: Reverence Rituals with Essential Oils (see more below), Talking Circles with Breathwork & Sound Healing, Elemental Essential Oils Blending Workshops, and Polarity Therapy Classes, Wellness Retreats, and more.

Reverence Rituals with Essential Oils:
We were interested in learning more about essential oils, and thought that the information that is out there can be a little overwhelming. We were inspired to go out into nature and actually connect with the plant that the oils come from! Focusing on one oil and one plant at a time, we can go deeper into what the oil is offering and expressing. Each plant is unique in the same way that each person is unique!

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Reverence Rituals with Eucalyptus

Rustic Canyon Park

Monthly Talking Circle with Sound Healing

IPSB at Life Energy Institute

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