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The Review Your Singing & Warm Up Group is hosted by Robert Lunte, founder of The Vocalist Studio. TVS is a voice training school that offers world class, contemporary vocal training techniques & voice coaching in Seattle, WA and around the world. Robert Lunte (https://thevocaliststudio.com/robertluntecredentials/) is also the author/producer of the acclaimed book and home study course for singers titled, The Four Pillars of Singing (https://thevocaliststudio.com/the-four-pillars-of-singing/).


This class is for anyone that is interested in singing and also wants to unraveling the confusion and mystery around how to sing great with insights and practical techniques that get results. In just one session, attendees will take away from this class information and ideas that can transform their singing for a lifetime. And it's FUN!

What Is the Basic Agenda?

• The Review Your Singing & Warm Up Group (https://www.meetup.com/Review-Your-Singing-Warm-Up/) offers people a chance to learn how to warm up the voice in a way that will result in releasing your vocal power into the upper registers with stability and sonorous tone.

• Attendees are encouraged to bring songs to sing for coaching with Robert Lunte and the rest of the class. Attendees have the opportunity to train and sing their songs through a professional PA system.

Common Topics of Group Discussion:

• How to stop pushing and constricting on high notes.

• How to beat the vocal break, or the "passaggio" once and for all!

• How to find and develop a strong, full head voice.

• Belt techniques that help you to sing high in your chest voice, or "chest voice color".

• The acoustics of singing; vowel modification, formants, and the TVS innovation of associating color with singing vowels.

• How to train and practice effectively so you can actually know what to do to get stronger and make real, lasting progress!

• Coaching songs; lyric mapping for vowels, onsets and interpretation.

• Vocal Effects: distortion, rasp, "yarling", vibrato, windy sounds, screams, etc...

• Meeting and networking with other trained students that have taken voice lessons and understand technique.

• Tackling performance fear and how to work an audience.

• Public speaking and vocal health for speaking.

• Transgender voice therapy techniques.

• Vocal training and performance gear that will give you the best tools to succeed.

• And more... the topics we can discuss are endless... let's just see where the group takes us...

Singers at all levels are encouraged to come and join us! Don't be shy, come join our group!

Feel free to contact the organizer, Robert Lunte anytime if you have questions about the group or your singing. Please use the internal email system or you can use the contact information below:



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