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Our technology group has moved from Meetup to LinkedIn Groups!

Revit RVA recently rebranded to BIMxt Richmond – Your Design and Construction Forum.  It's the same great in-person meetings for networking and industry content that you're used to, just a new name. Along with the rebrand comes a new mix of presentation topics that span the entire AECO industry, with conversations ranging from technology advancements including Revit and BIM best practices as well as industry standards and new advanced workflows. 

While reviewing our BIMxt community’s needs, we decided to discontinue our Meetup page effective October 30, 2023 and ask that you become a member of our BIMxt LinkedIn Group. LinkedIn will give members the ability to network, learn about upcoming meetings, access presentation recordings, and participate in the conversations.

We appreciate your understanding of these changes. We look forward to seeing you at a BIMxt Richmond meeting and joining our BIMxt LinkedIn Group.

Jeff Gravatte
CADD Microsystems


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