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REVOLUTION LA is a volunteer-led grassroots organization founded in 2014. Our mission is to transform the City of Los Angeles’ political and economic framework through grassroots organizing and progressive legislative advocacy. We seek to radically reconstruct the pillars of municipal governance to serve the needs of the people and planet, creating and advocating for ambitious and systemic public policy solutions. Whether on the city streets or in City Hall, our approach is straight-forward: we strategize, we innovate- then we act with precision.

Revolution LA created the Divest LA campaign in February 2017 for the City of Los Angeles to divest public funds from Wells Fargo for its long history of corrupt and unethical banking practices. After a hard-hitting grassroots campaign led by millennials and allies, in June 207, LA City Council unanimously voted to begin the process to divest $40 million in holdings from Wells Fargo, in addition to a comprehensive overhaul of the city’s financial framework.

In June 2017, we created the Public Bank LA initiative for the creation of a municipal public bank in Los Angeles. A city-owned back would sever all ties with Wall Street and create local determination of our public finances, redirecting banking profit to benefit the community instead of private bankers.

In December 2017, the Divest LA coalition achieved its second victory with LA City Council voting unanimously to approve a strengthened Request for Proposal (RFP) banking contract, effectively disqualifying Wells Fargo from the City's commercial banking services because of the bank's downgraded Federal Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) rating. As a direct result of Divest LA's citizens' lobbying and advocacy, LA City Council approved a 30-point Social Responsibility criteria for banks bidding for services, making this the most progressive RFP contract in the nation.

In July 2018, LA City Council unanimously passed a motion to place public banking on the November 2018 State General Election ballot. For the first time in U.S. history, voters will be given the opportunity to approve the creation of a municipal public bank. Revolution LA is now mobilizing for a win. Victory at the ballot will set the stage for a global financial revolution.

divestla.com (https://www.divestla.com)
publicbankla.com (https://www.publicbankla.com)

13-Point Agenda (http://revolutionla.org/images/PDFs/RevLA13PointAgenda1Page.pdf) - A one-page brief of the revolutionary changes needed to create an inclusive economy of shared prosperity.

13-Point Full Revolutionary Agenda (http://revolutionla.org/images/PDFs/13-PointEconomicAgendaFinal.pdf) - An introduction and full outline of critical social and economic infrastructures that require profound restructuring, centered on a human rights framework.

Revolutionary Fact Sheet (http://files.meetup.com/14596892/RevLA%20Revolutionary%20Fact%20Sheet%20v2.pdf) - A bullet point rundown of the current economic system that illustrates why revolutionary change is urgently needed.

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Revolution LA members came together to transform a basement into a bright and colorful tutoring space for underprivileged kids. We hope our Creators (https://revolutionla.org/the-creators) project inspires others to create in their own community, building a better world one space and one program at a time. The Basement Classroom Project was a true show of people-power in action. Join us. Get involved. Together, we can make a difference!

Check out the project video and watch the RevLA team in action!



Watch the intro video for Revolution LA's latest revolutionary campaign: PUBLIC BANK LA! Sign our Change.org petition to LA City Council for the creation of a municipal, city-owned bank that will keep banking profits in our communities to benefit the people rather than Wall Street profiteers!

Public Bank LA Petition (https://www.change.org/p/mayor-eric-garcetti-create-the-public-bank-of-los-angeles-publicbankla)


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