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For 18 years, the Awakened Mind School in Northern California has focused on expanding consciousness through meditation, mindfulness and personal empowerment. Founded in 2000, our practice is rooted in Indo-Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism. Although we integrate the core ancient teachings of several Buddhist traditions, our practice is designed to be practical for people practicing in the modern, western world.

We focus on applying the balance and clarity achieved in meditation to all areas of life including career success, personal empowerment and vitality. Our community seeks to uplift and reveal the truth in all beings by going beyond limitations. We practice mind-body spiritual connection, creating gender balance, and women's empowerment through career advancement.

In partnership with JÓGASETRIÐ in Reykjavik, the meditation teachers of the Awakened Mind will hold periodic introductory mediation classes. In these classes, we will learn:

Introduction to chakra meditation
Raising your energy
Dealing with stress
Bringing balance into your life

Anyone who is interested in learning or practicing meditation is welcome to join!

Visit this Meetup page for updates on future classes, or for more information feel free to email info@awakenedmind.is.

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Weekly Wednesday Evening Meditation Class

Cultivate your meditation and mindfulness practice by joining us online on Wednesday evenings at 20:30 for an introduction to meditation and beginning Buddhism class. Everyone’s welcome, whether you’ve meditated many times or you’re brand new. Each class will include an introduction to meditation, sitting together as a group, and a short dharma talk. Hop onto Zoom and find us at https://zoom.us/j/6776931432

Free Meditation with Dharma at Jogasetrid


Free Meditation with Dharma in Reykjavik. March 31, 2019. Dharma, a Buddhist monk and teacher in Northern California, will be teaching a meditation class in Reykjavik at Jógasetrið. In this class we will cover an introduction to meditation and mindfulness and have powerful and high meditations! We will also cover the Eightfold Path of Buddhism, which is Buddha's way for getting out of the "ups and downs" of life and walking the pathway to Enlightenment. First-timers are very welcome! For those of you who've attended introductory mediation classes before, this class will help you expand on your knowledge and deepen your meditation practice. For more information please email [masked] or see the website www.awakenedmind.is. Cost: Free! (Class will be in English only) ABOUT DHARMA Dharma is a senior monk at the Vajranandacharya Buddhist school and the Bodhiwoods spiritual retreat in the Santa Cruz mountains of Northern California. He is a teacher of Dzogchen Indo-Tibetan Buddhist meditation and Karma Yoga. Dharma is a student of Samvara, the author of The Enlightenment Workbook of Buddhist Mysticism, which is a spiritual guide that imparts the authentic ancient Buddhist teachings lucidly so that the spiritual path becomes accessible and easily applicable for Westerners. Dharma has practiced martial arts since the age of 14 and is a black belt in Kempo and Small Circle Jiu Jitsu. He was taught by Samvara, a master martial artist in multiple martial arts styles, how to make martial arts a spiritual practice. He was ordained a Buddhist monk in 2002 and was given the instructions and transmissions to be initiated into the highest doctrines of Dzogchen Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Mysticism by his Buddhist master Samvara. Dharma's studies have also lead him to inspiring spiritual pilgrimages to sacred places throughout the world including India and the Native American Southwest. He currently is CEO of a successful technology company in Silicon Valley California where he and his team run their business on the core values of practicing compassion and selfless service.

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Weekly Wednesday Evening Meditation Class

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