Meet the Secretary of State at the State House Library!


Hi all!

Meetup recently sent me an email asking if I wanted to take over as the organizer of this group, and I figured I'd say yes. This was a group that I really wanted to take part in back when it was founded in 2014, but I wasn't really able to devote the time to it back then. It seems like there were some innovative projects that were started by the group, but that it lost steam somewhere along the way and has fallen by the wayside.

So, I'm hoping that we can give this another go.

I arranged a meeting with the Secretary of State the other day and explained the purpose of the group and how I think our group can work together with the Secretary of State's office to help solve problems here in the Ocean State. Secretary Gorbea is excited about the possibilities for this group, and she'll be in attendance as we kickoff the next chapter of Code for America here in Rhode Island.

I'm hoping that we can have the state identify some high value projects that they'd love to get to, but won't ever be able to because they don't have the resources to accomplish them. We can talk more about this at the meetup, and decide on next steps for the organization.

Oh, and beer and snacks will be served! So, free beer, a chance to hang out in the amazing State House Library, and you get to talk about code and civic hacking. What more do you want?

Hope to see you all soon!