A Rhode Island Ruby Group meetup? Great idea!

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Plenty has happened in the world of Ruby in the 15 months since we last met. Rails 5 is out, some very compelling Rails alternatives and strategies are on the rise, and we're all dipping our brains into other non-Ruby stuff a lot of the time too.

So let's catch up!

We'll be visited by Piotr Solnica (@solnic) to talk about (awesomeness TBD), and we'll get all functional in Ruby with Omid Bachari and RuboClaus ( https://github.com/mojotech/rubo_claus ).

If anyone has something they'd like to talk about lightning-talk-style, please feel free! Tweet at @rirug or drop a note in Slack ( https://rirug.slack.com/ ).

Monday, September 19th from 6 PM to 8 PM at the MojoTech office. We don't have free parking available, but we do plan to have free pizza. People at any and every skill level are welcome and encouraged to attend and ask questions!