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It's about time! I'll talk about some highlights from RubyConf, and we'll be joined by John Sawers from Boston to talk about integrating with a new API -- the Emotional API.

"Being a good developer isn't just about slinging code; we're part of a community. Interacting with others in a community means feelings are involved. But feelings are messy and uncomfortable, so why can't you just ignore them? Because emotional skills are critical for working well on a team, and for writing code every day. In this talk you’ll learn how emotions are affecting you by modeling them as an API and looking at the code."

Also, PVD's own Ryan Laughlin will talk about his Checkup concept he's been using at Splitwise -- a way to run tests and detect errors that are specific to a production environment.

Other topics are welcome, so let me know if you'd like to share something as well.

Food and beverage will be provided. Let's chat!