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What we’re about

Rhody Writing Group's goal is to supply writers with feedback, commentary and suggestions on their works in progress.

If you enjoy to write and are looking for feedback then we hope we can help.

Meetings will be scheduled for the second Saturday of the month. Cut off date for submitting work is one week before.

Generally, two type of pieces are reviewed: either short stories or full manuscripts.

Maximum amount of pieces for short stories is 2-3 with a word count between 5-8k.

Maximum amount of pieces for manuscripts is 1 with a word count can vary between 60k-90k.

Instructions on uploading files can be found on the bulletin board.

A few ground rules:

Participants should be over the age of 21.

Authors works will rotate monthly and will be chosen between the nearest meeting.

Fan fiction while a great way to start writing will not be given feedback.

Adult Erotica will not be given feedback.

Previously published works will not be given feedback.