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Tabletop games at Nathan's House in Glen Allen

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Come on out to our friendly tabletop gaming sessions. Beginners, first-timers experts, and everyone in between is welcome.

Bring your Eurogames, gateway games, light weight games, and your whatever games. We are always teaching games here. There's no need to worry if you are unfamiliar with any of the games mentioned in the comments or elsewhere.

We have the amenities for four tables of gaming.

There is plenty of parking in front of the house and around the neighborhood. I always hate not knowing where I am going to park so I cobbled together a parking map. Click here for parking (

You can see the house game collection here: Nathan's Games (

My intent is to provide snacks and beverages, but I encourage you to bring some goodies as well. The earlier I can get RSVPs the more creative I can be food wise.

Lastly if you are going to be late (15 minutes or more) or suddenly not able attend please PLEASE say so in the comments or change your RSVP. I always try to check this area 15 minutes before just in case of last minute changes. Not doing so affects the way we break into groups and/or the games we play.

In the event of a wait list people with a history of being "no shows" will be moved to it.

Feel free to send any questions or comments via email or leave them below.


This house has a dog. He loves you already. However, DO NOT try to take food or components from him. He must be bribed or startled. We keep a jar of Jelly Beans for this very situation as it can do both.

If you start a miniatures game I reserve the right to throw you out the house when the sun comes up.

This house may contain at any time one or more Magic players.