What we're about

This Meetup is made for those interested in learning about data science. By joining our Meetups

- You'll get hands-on experience working on real data and projects using Python.

- You will learn how to set up the tools you need for data science (e.g. Matplotlib, Pandas, Numpy, etc.).

- Manage your project on Github in a team (along with other apps such as Slack and Trello).

- Download and organize actual data sets (e.g. from Kaggle, yelp, etc.).

- Create publication grade visualizations of the data.

- Discuss your observations with the group.

- Analyse the data.

- Develop machine learning algorithms and train them on your data set.

- Evaluate the performance of your algorithm in comparison to other algorithms.

- And last but not least by the end of the series you will get the chance to meet with professionals to help you tailor your resume/CV to data science jobs and apply for them!!

Past events (6)

Machine Learning 101!

Richvale Community Centre & Pool

Building our way towards machine learning!

Richvale Community Centre & Pool

Data Science Workshop: Kicking off the Project!

Richvale Community Centre & Pool

2nd Data Science Workshop!

Richvale Community Centre & Pool


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