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The Richmond Java User Group (RJUG) is for Java professionals and enthusiasts in the Richmond, VA area. We meet the third Wednesday of each month providing a forum for the Java community to discuss current trends in Java, JVM-hosted languages and software development practices.

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Introduction to Kafka Streams

Ippon Technologies

Kafka has become a de-facto standard for ingesting event-based data and is considered the central nervous system for data in many organizations. Kafka Streams is a lightweight Java framework that works with Kafka allowing users to perform analysis, transformations, and stateful operations on the incoming data. In this presentation, we'll cover: 1. A quick intro into Kafka 101 2. What is Kafka Streams and how it enables/simplifies event-based processing. 3. Features of Kafka Streams including: a. Stateful operations b. Interactive Queries By the end of this presentation, users will gain a basic understanding of Kafka Streams and how they can start using it to implement event streaming applications. Bio: Bill Bejeck is an Integration Architect on Confluent's DevX team. Previously Bill was an engineer on the Kafka Streams team and is an Apache Kafka committer. Bill published a book on Kafka Streams, "Kafka Streams in Action" (https://www.manning.com/books/kafka-streams-in-action.)


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