Bob Lambert - How to Manage Report Developers for DBAs


Session Details:
Recent years have seen an increase in end-user reporting, where reporting tools, notably Tableau, are provided to business teams in order to offload analytics and reporting from Information Technology groups. In practice, this has often resulted in the rise of business reporting teams with varying levels of database and SQL skill. In this presentation I’ll discuss what it’s like to work on a business side reporting team, capabilities and limitations of Tableau, and business reporting team experiences with source data and data layer teams. Based on that review, I will propose best practices for DBAs and data architects to set up business reporting teams for success while maintaining data security and appropriate process.

Speaker Bio:
Bob Lambert is a Data Analyst in Anthem’s Medicare Revenue and Reconciliation group. As a developer of Tableau reports on a business team, he extracts data using SAS, Transact-SQL, and Teradata SQL. In a career as a consultant Bob worked in various roles including data architect, SQL developer, business analyst, project manager, and trainer specializing in data warehousing and business intelligence. Bob’s articles on analytics, data architecture, and agile methods are available at,, and