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FREE Teacher TMI Summer School. June 10-20; June 20-30; or July 1-10 Sign below!
Sign up at or email [masked] Summer Sessions are free. Reserve your spot(s) now. Late entries will be enrolled in the next scheduled session. June 10-20 June 20-30 July 1-10 July 20-30 Get your friends and colleagues to sign up so you can support each other. 1. Summer Mindset: Reflection and Projection; Last year to next year. 2. Getting Ready to Get Ready: Plans and Checklists 3. Curriculum and Student Roster: Mandated curriculum can be enjoyable 4. Setting up a Teacher Workspace: Professional image and efficiency All required materials are sent to the email you use to enroll. All above topics will be covered in each session, however, the focus will shift in each session. AND don't forget TeacherTMI is presenting aboard Princess Cruises this July 5-15! Yes, we are walking (and talking) our way to Alaska! Still room to sign up... Richmond Walkie-Talkies will resume with the Fall sessions.

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