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A primary symbol of the Western Mystery tradition is the Qabalistic Tree of Life. This symbol shows us that the physical world is not something to transcend but rather the sacred fruit of a tree whose roots reach into the unmanifest. Matter is not something to escape, nor is it something separate from or antithetical to God. One goal of this path is to come to recognize the Divine in all of the ways in which it shows Itself in the Universe and in our lives. As we begin to perceive the links in this unbroken chain from the most transcendent aspect of God to the physical world, we seek to become ever more transparent channels for the descent of Light into this world of name and form. We do this both for personal enlightenment and for societal upliftment.

Areas of study include the Hermetic Qabalah, Tarot, Alchemy, Astrology, and Jungian Psychology. Our classes will include both lecture and guided meditation. Wells and Michelle share a combined four decades of study in this tradition whose sacred Arcana is passed primarily "from mouth to ear”.

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Qabalistic Meditation Group for Beginners

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Qabalistic Meditation Group for Beginners

We will be learning and practicing ancient Qabalistic chanting and visualization techniques which can attune our consciousness to higher forces; a practice which has a balancing and quickening effect on our spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical vehicles. Meditating in a group is particularly valuable because our shared energy field can call down more Light from the higher realms than is possible for individuals meditating alone. Additionally, those members with more experience in the Qabalistic path can energetically aid those with less experience. This is an opportunity for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike to join together several times a month with the intent to raise our vibratory frequency so that we may quicken our own spiritual growth and in so doing share ever more Light with all those who pass our way.

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The Secret Language of Tarot - Key 2, High Priestess

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