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Dominion, featured game event
dear friends-- we invite you to play Dominion , a designer game which won the coveted Spiel des Jahres (game of the year) award when it came out in 2009. it is a deck-building card game set in a vaguely medieval or early modern period, which two to four can play. you can learn the game in 15 minutes and sit down and play, but you can improve your strategy for years. a game typically takes 30-60 minutes. because tho there are a couple hundred action cards, only ten are used in each game, each variation is new. furthermore, the game does not require so much focus that you can't socialize while playing. you should also enjoy handling the cards themselves, with their varying capabilities, and arcane and imaginative designs. 2-4 people can play the game, and all three possibilities make for good play. so i'd like to invite you over to play a few games of Dominion and hang out together. looking for people who already know the game, or would like to learn. bring snacks and/or beverages if you want, but don't worry about it. hope to see you, Rick

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I started Rick's Hiking & Fun Group a few days after 9/11/01 to bring people together for fun, friendship and community, both outdoors and in. We do hiking, game nights, dining out, conversation salons, etc. we hike at a leisurely pace, stop to smell the roses, and value socializing. we welcome you, please join us.

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