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I started Rick's Hiking & Fun Group a few days after 9/11/01 to bring people together for fun, friendship and community, both outdoors and in. We do hiking, game nights, dining out, conversation salons, etc. we hike at a leisurely pace, stop to smell the roses, and value socializing. we welcome you, please join us. Rick

...and remember “The world is full of nice people. If you can't find one, be one.” ~Nishan Panwar.

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Socially Distanced Spring Beach Cleanup, & The Goblin & the Grocer takeout

note: i have structured this event to be safe according to current state of the Pandemic, and the latest CDC guidelines. in the weeks leading up to the event, conditions might change, and i will update accordingly.

dear friends--

welcome to our fourth Beverly Shores beach cleanup event

at this point, i feel the Pandemic is enough under control, and our ability to deal with it is effective enough that we can hold a beach cleanup in relative safety.

i am fully vaccinated at this point, as are many in the group, but not all, and there is still the unresolved question whether vaccinated people can transmit the virus to others. add to that the fact that 95% protection is not 100% protection. i am aware of an actual case IRL where a vaccinated person contracted covid, and was moderately ill, to the point of having breathing problems.

so we will still need to socially distance, and mask when we can't, but we will be in the air and wind, and with luck, the sun, and these are all our friends in this still troubled time.

if everyone comes who signed up, this is a far larger group than i feel comfortable with, but i doubt that anywhere near this number will come, since some signed up a year ago, and also i have thought of a few ways we could mitigate the problems with large numbers.

first, make sure to wear a mask while we are waiting at the parking lot, and while we walk down to the beach. once at the beach, we could use our judgement, depending on how far apart we are.

we could break up into 2, 3, or 4 groups, and each clean a different section of the beach, bringing our trash back to the parking lot at the end. make sure to bring a garbage bag or three, a mask, and hand sanitizer.

after the hike, i wish we could all enjoy dinner together, but even if it is legal, i don't feel that it is safe, even outside, and especially with a large group. but i would like to suggest the next best thing--drive up to Beverly Shores's own The Goblin and the Grocer http://www.goblinandthegrocer.com/ , and get takeout or curbside pickup.

The Goblin actually is open for outdoor dining, and lower capacity indoor dining. I don't feel that this is safe yet myself, and i certainly don't want to try to organize a large group using it, but it is available, may be safer by then, and is an option for those who want to use it.

We have had many happy times at The Goblin, with its gracious owner and hostess, Dawn; and restaurants are struggling now, and trying to do their best. i would like to give Dawn and The Goblin our support.

if it is warm enough, it might be possible to take our food and eat outside, but i don't want to try to orchestrate a space for us to meet if this is a large group. let's wait till nearer to the event when we know more about the weather, and the group size and play it by ear then.

we have no safe bad weather protocols--if it is too rainy or cold, we will cancel, so just look at the announcement in the morning.

hope to see you there,


Online Dominion Games for spring

Online event

note: if you haven't played with us before, and would like to, please send me a message with your email and phone number, and i will email or text you about when the next game will occur.

we regularly have people from 3 time zones playing, so note the start time carefully

dear friends--

we invite you to play one of my favorite designer games--online.

if you have played with us before, and would like to join a future game,


if you have played Dominion before, but not with us, and would like to join in a game,


if you haven't played Dominion before, and would like to learn,

post a COMMENT below, and i will get back to you.

Dominion http://riograndegames.com/Game/278-Dominion, a designer game which won the coveted Spiel des Jahres (game of the year) award when it came out in 2009. it is a deck-building card game set in a vaguely medieval or early modern period, which two to four can play.

the site is https://dominion.games/

if you already have an account, sign into it: if not, think of a Username & Password and Sign Up for a 'free' Account. Inform me what your username is in comments below. You do not have to pay for a subscription to play with a Host (i have a paid subscription, and will host).

A few minutes before starting time, Login, click [Tables] at the top of the screen. In the window list, look for Host "trailman" then click [play] (or [spectate]). When the game window opens, click [Ready]. Once the game starts, we can communicate via chat.

please also sign up for the google meet connection from your email invitation.
So, come drop in and play. later comers, sign in as spectators, and we will change players after the first game is finished.

if you have never played, but would like to learn, leave a comment below.

hope to "see" you there,


Online Hanabi games for spring

Online event

note: if you haven't played with us before, and would like to, please send me a message with your email and phone number, and i will email or text you about when the next game will occur.

dear friends--

we have been playing Hanabi online in the group so often, that i am trying something new. i will have only one event announcement listed for each month, and i will post the time of the next event at the top of this announcement. drop a comment if you would like to play, along with any remarks.

We invite you to play one of my favorite designer games online at Board Game Arena = BGA.

Hanabi, the 2013 Spiel des Jahres winner. It is a co-operative game we started playing last year. In a cooperative game, players are not competing against each other, but are working together to try to beat the game. i don't generally like cooperative games, but this is an especially good one. Two to five can play.

This game is loosely based on creating a fireworks display, and is deceptively simple. Play CARDS/tiles into the middle of the table, from 1 to 5, for each of five colors.

However, you cannot look at your own CARDS/tiles. You must clue your team members to play in the correct sequence. The thinking and strategy used to provide just the right clue can be deep and cerebral.

If you RSVP [sign up] to play, you can use this 'Sponsor' link to BGA

You will Create an account, choose a Player name and Confirm your e-mail. There are several steps to the process. Some can be skipped. For game preferences we suggest 1. Simple Game 2. Real-time 3. Manual opponents

if you already have a BGA account, you can enter here

if you are new to Hanabi, please read this entry [vs research] before joining us.


hope to "see" you there,


photos from solo, household unit & socially distanced hikes for spring

dear friends--

we have entered into meteorological spring, the months of March, April, and May.

though we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, the Pandemic is still with us, and while spring will make it easier to be outside with others, and more and more people are being vaccinated, bringing us closer to herd immunity; we are not out of the woods yet, and still need to be careful.

to my mind, the main 3 things of value we gain from our events together have been community, nature, and exercise.

though we have had some socially distanced real life events, the sharing of hugs, food, and other face to face fellowship, are still difficult; but nature and exercise are always available, and are vital to keeping up our spirits, mental health, and immune systems.

so please post some pics of your solo, household unit, and socially distanced hikes for the coming spring. add a brief message in the comments including when you hiked, who was there, and where you went. i always enjoy seeing nature photos of my own hikes and those of others, and hope you will too.

if you don't know how to post pics to this site, text them to me at[masked], and i will post them.

let's all try hard to endure a bit longer till we can fully enjoy each other's company again.


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