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Hello fellow riders. I love to ride and would love to ride a lot. Once a rider, a rider 4 life. Join us, suggest meet-ups, go on rides with friends and meet new friends. Let's explore and ride!

I have been in love with motorcycles all my life, I finally got to ride them myself in 2012. Since then I have been discovering the beauty, the fun and thrill of riding, especially with like minded other riders. I started this group to meet new riders, make new friends and explore as many roads as possible.

In 2015 my life has drastically changed, I became a mom. And unfortunately that has impacted my ability to ride as much as I can. For that reason and many others, I make everyone an event organizer. This way each one of you can post rides in your area, and you do not have to wait for 1 organizer to plan a ride. You can do it yourself!

This group is for everyone that loves to ride, regardless what type of bike you ride. Everyone is welcome, as long as you are a safe rider and you stay within your own comfort zone. We advise everyone to pick their own pace to ride, as a group we will not leave anyone behind.

Again this is all about once a rider, a rider 4 life.

For easy communication and to stay on top of everything, download for free the meet up app.

I hope to meet you on a ride soon!

Ride safe and ride on.


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Let's ride twisty Rt. 125 with lunch at Penn
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Jaymee Lee's Diner Newville


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