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What we're about

Who should join -
Anyone that lives in Great Falls Village who owns a motorcycle and would like to meet other bikers from the same area. The group's main goal is to serve as a figurative crossroads for any GF riders, particularly those who seek discussion, comradery, and not to mention a chance to connect with like-minded people. The guidelines for joining are simple: those eligible must fulfill the following requirements (1) Each member has to own their own motorcycle, be it a sport bike, touring bike, cruiser, scooter, dirt bike, or whatever. AS LONG AS the bike legally belongs to them, they're welcome. (2) Each member's bike needs to have at least 500cc's of power or more. (3) All members have to be courteous to everyone in the group and have an open mind about meeting and befriending people who they might not converse or talk to otherwise. (4) Since this club will bring in much diversity - for instance, various ages, dresses, backgrounds, and even educations - all participants are expected to act as maturely and sensibly as possible, especially during meetings and while conversing with fellow members. (5) Furthermore, although "GF Riderz" is intended to be seen and dealt with as a real and bonafide biker club, the truth is this club's main goal is to build a community of friends, so please come in with an open mind, and of course, understand that you are to treat others as you would like to be treated. (6) Those involved are required to take membership seriously for the sake of building friendships amongst one another. And, since this club is new, should be excited about creating and assuming different roles/responsibilities/duties, such as electing a vice-president, treasurer, historian, ect. And finally, (7) membership is strictly limited to those who live within the Great Falls Village Boundaries ONLY. Residents from McLean, Sterling, Vienna, and even Ashburn are not applicable. This rule is not intended to exclude anyone from our group, but rather, to establish an important, fundamental common thread - the thread that while we all will be different in a variety of obvious ways, at heart, each one of us lives in and appreciates the wonderful town of Great Falls, and what makes it such a "Great Place." While of course all bikers are different, limiting our membership to people who share key background qualities such as similar socioeconomic roles, knowledge of the best roads and routes to ride in and throughout town, as well as overlapping social networks, are the essentials that create the backbone of "The Riderz Club."

What our meet up will do:
In the beginning - or at least until we as a group get more established - every meeting will be led by me and held in a group situation. Even though I will bring a list of topics to chat about to our first few get-togethers until our conversations flow more naturally, I encourage every member to come to our meet-ups with any thing they have on their mind that they would like to discuss. In other words, "Riderz" will function kind of like an AA meeting - whoever has the floor is allowed to talk until done, interrupting is discouraged unless you have something important to add, and EVERYONE is expected to be respectful. Because, the fact is, respect gets respect. And that's a fact. Furthermore, during our meetings, (and particularly the early ones) the structure of discussion will flow from freeform conversation to chatting in a circle and waiting your turn. Be prepared to talk about an array of different topics. Examples of early, intro chit-chat sessions may include but are not limited to...
- What kind of bike you ride
- How you got into riding
- Have you've ever had an accident
- If and how you've customized your bike
- Why you ride and what it does for you
- How many bikes you own
- Where you grew up and what your first bike was
- What's your favorite street to ride in Great Falls
- Where in Great Falls is "your neck of the woods"
AND, other potential topics to be discussed in later meetings may be like:
- The status of current road conditions
- Divulging knowledge of good chop shops or garages in the area
- Seeing if your knowledge of bike mechanics could help another member in need
- Offering tips on biker attire
- Talking about new trends in motorcycles today
- Stories of biking on the road
- Suggestions for group rides (like biking Skyline Drive at dusk, doing overnight trips to places like Deep Creek Resort in Maryland, or simply cruising through the village center too)
- Ideas for charitable events (which will actually be a big part of our club's purpose)
- and, perhaps most importantly, things we "The Riderz" can do as a group

Alrighty then, come one come all! If you have any questions, please email me at riderzmotorcycleclub@gmail.com. If you wish to talk to me in person, please call me at (703) 509-2226. I do ask you though, to text me first before calling just so I can get ready to talk. Thank you! And let's get riding!

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